Brevity by Dick Swartz

140 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN=1442195118

Critics are raving about Dick Swartz’s Brevity:

“Grateful as hell for the free book. Used it to kill a scorpion. Th-thump!” – Cal Hudson, First World Champion of Sprouts

“I briefly pondered Brevity. Not a bad riff, but you need to learn to cut to the chase.” – Greene Mist

“Thank you for sending me the review copy of Brevity. It was like spending an afternoon in a numinous gallery of abstract art. It made me giddy!” – April Maye

“I love it! Sort of a Portrait of the Artist done in punctuation marks. Original and well executed.” – Angela Hart

“Perfect gift for the über-sophisticate.” – Sung Mi Kim

Brevity is a sequence of 67 profoundly compacted poems chronicling young percussionist and “nanopoet” Dick Swartz’s “life so far.” Swartz proves the new form to be remarkably expressive, an American answer to Japanese haiku, as each gleaming miniature chimes hauntingly through the elegant white corridor of this attractive volume.

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